Porch pick up off Shearers/Rocky River in Mooresville. (Exit 33). Crossposted
Color is much prettier than picture shows - almost like a bluish white wash look 7 tall and 9 diameter
Porch pick up preferred off Shearers/Rocky River in Mooresville (exit 33). Crossposted
(2) small measure 12 diameter & height $30 (2) large measure 16 diameter & height $50
Brass wetted parts for measuring non-corrosive liquid and gas pressure Circular dial is filled with glycerin and enclosed in a stainless steel 304 case for corrosion resistance Measures pressure with single (psi) or dual scale (psi/kPa)/(psi/bar)/(Hg. vacuum/kPa)/(Hg. vacuum/bar) Display accuracy is + or - 2.5% of full scale value for the 1.5" (40 mm) and 2" (50 mm) gauges, and + or - 1.5% of f...